MySQL Performance Monitor Tools

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1. Mtop

mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL database showing the queries which are taking the most amount of time to complete. Features include 'zooming' in on a process to show the complete query and 'explaining' the query optimizer information.

2. Innotop

Innotop can be really handy when you need a quick and easy tool that can provide a lot of details on what MySQL is doing – without using difficult queries to get those details manually. For our Percona Support customers, using Innotop will often be much easier then running complex SHOW statements and filtering their output in order to get some simple facts like slave replication lag, number of busy threads or InnoDB history list length. Also for us, Support engineers, it’s sometimes quicker to get a fast system overview with Innotop before we do deeper investigation using SHOW statements, Information_schema or more complex ways.


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