How to convert maven project to eclipse project

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Now we are going to discus about how convert a project that created in maven to eclipse project.maven have a modular architecture along with a lot of plugins ,Eclipse is one of the most famous IDE that also have modular architecture it have a lot of plugins .

Maven have a Eclipse plugin and Eclipse have a Maven plugin we are going to discus those things.when we using maven with those command line stuffs and etc when we are going through eclipse we don't want to that command line codes it have very much helpful, Maven and eclipse giving good integration ,they will work very well together  thanks for that plugins .

1. Eclipse plugin for Maven 

      Step 1. go to maven project . Here my project is FirstApp ,there you can see one pom.xml file ,now what we want is generate one eclipse project using that pom.xml

     Step 2. Use  mvn eclipse:eclipse command

Note:- If you are running this first time it may take some downloads all require for resolving dependencies to convert project to eclipse project .

Step 3:- verify the project

after execution of this command we notices two new files created

 Note:-  these both file are created for eclipse ,when you open those files you notice a "M2_REPO" class variable is generated ,you want to add that class path in eclipse otherwise eclipse will show a error 

Step 4:- Importing eclipse project 

       File->Import->Eeneral->Existing Projects in Workspace->Select root directory ->Done

  Now your maven project is create for eclipse  ,Write your comments :)


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